Do I need to be a BMI Member to attend?

Yes and No. If you are a publisher, no you do not need to be a BMI member to attend. Any publisher (who isn’t a printer), is welcome to register as a publisher. If you are a book printer, or a company that supplies the book manufacturing industry (paper, inks, presses, etc), then you need to be a BMI member to attend.

What is the tabletop exhibit portion of the program?

In discussions with our event advisory committee, publishers let us know that they would love the chance to meet new manufacturers and see samples of their work. We have a limited number of tabletops for BMI members available, so they will be given out to those who register first.

What is the dress code for the event?

This is very much a business casual event. No ties needed here.

Should I send more than one person from my company?

Of course you should. Everyone who attends will be bringing something different to the table. Take advantage of that by having more than just you attend, network and learn.

Are you looking for speakers for the event?

We have our speaker lineup set at the moment, but feel free to reach out to Matt Baehr, BMI Executive Director, if you think you have something valuable to offer the event. His email is mbaehr@bmibook.com

Are you looking for sponsors for the event?

We are. If you are interested, please contact Matt Baehr at mbaehr@bmibook.com

Another question you don’t see answered here?

E-mail: mbaehr@bmibook.com